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President, JYR Consultants

Mission of JYR Consultants: Develop excellence in project culture by endowing leadership and mentoring to enhance value of project management practices to efficiently plan, manage and execute projects.

JYR Consultants’ services include project management, productivity improvement, risk and uncertainty management, planning and control, cost and schedule modeling and infrastructure management. JYR consultants have been offering their services to companies and organizations in many countries: Canada, China, India, Iran, Maldives, Mexico, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and United States of America. Following are the details of the services.

  1. Risk and Uncertainty Management: Ris Q© is a structured and a logical framework to identify, qualify and quantify the risks for any project, to develop a risk mitigation plan and then to link the plan with the project objectives to develop an integrated project schedule and cost estimate using simulation. This is an innovative and practical framework developed, tested and implemented by Dr. Janaka Ruwanpura for many types of projects that include construction, oil and gas and infrastructure projects. We facilitate the risk workshops for any type of project. Our risk plans have provided valuable benefits to the project proponents to improve project success. 
  2. Construction Productivity Improvement: Productivity is a complex issue in construction because of the interaction of labour, capital, materials, and equipment. Further, productivity is difficult to measure because of the heterogeneity of the industry’s products and its input. True productivity gains come from identifying and implementing the most efficient work process to satisfy the client’s needs. Therefore, it is very much important to find solutions for declining construction productivity to save billions of dollars and make construction a professional and attractive business. We have provided many innovative solutions to the construction companies to improve construction productivity. 
  3. Project and Construction Management: We offer variety of project management services and training programs for engineering, construction and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) project participants to successfully plan and manage projects and to improve predictability, efficiency and effectiveness on projects. The training programs have been offered from 1 day training to 40 days of training programs in North America and International countries. Project Management services include project planning, project control, scheduling, simulation analysis, project alignment, infrastructure management and decision analysis. 
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President, i-Booth Inc.

i-Booth Inc. is the sole producer and distributor of Second Generation i-Booth developed at the University of Calgary. i-Booth is

  • An advanced information kiosk designed to improve information integration between office and site and on-site communication between different project personnel and the construction workers; and, 
  • A large-scale multi-touch high-definition display and the latest advancements in distributed data warehousing and security technologies.
There are two versions of i-booth available at present.

i-Booth Mobile Kiosk (With Lahiru Silva, Director and Co-Founder, i-booth Inc.)

Wall-Mount Version of i-Booth