Graduate Supervision

Past-supervised graduate students

 Ph.D. Graduates

  1. Kasun Hewage, 2003-7, Ph.D. (Thesis: Construction Productivity Improvement by Worker Motivation and IT based Communication). Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Okanagan.
  2. Sanjeewa Wickramaratne*, 2006-10, Ph.D. (Thesis: Design and Analysis of Tsunami Warning & Evacuation Systems). Current Position: Engineering Manager, Lanka Hydraulics Institute, Sri Lanka.
  3. Lokman Hossain, 2007-10, Ph.D. (Thesis: A Decision-Making Optimization Model for the Dynamic Multi-Project Environment in Construction). Current Position: Project Control Specialist, Jacobs Canada Inc., Calgary.
  4. Sujeewa Wimalasena+, 2005-10, Ph.D. (Thesis: Computer Simulation Framework for Managing Waste in Construction Projects). Current Position: Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary.
  5. Mikhail Hanna, 2006-11, Ph.D. (Thesis: Integrated Cost-Schedule Framework for the Development of EPC Project Execution Plans and Work Packages). Current Position: Dept. Manager (Project Services), SNC Lavalin, Toronto.
  6. Gamini Weerasinghe, 2006-11, Ph.D., (Thesis: Development of a Framework to assess Sustainability of Building Projects). Sept. 13, 2011. Current Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
  7. Reza Dehghan, 2008-11, Ph.D. (Thesis: A new model, algorithm and computer tool to optimize overlapping of design activities in construction projects). Nov. 7, 2011. Current Position: Senior Project Control Specialist, Hatch, Calgary
  8. Aly Abdel-Fattah, 2007-12, Ph.D., (Thesis: Dynamic CAD simulation model for site layout planning). Sept. 4, 2012, Current Position: Project Control Specialist, Bantrel Construction, Labrador
  9. Mohamed Moussa+, 2004-12, Ph.D., (Thesis: Unified Simulation Methodology and Project Risk Assessment Framework), Oct 16, 2012, Current Position: Commercial Manager, Bantrel Construction, Calgary.
  10. Fereshte Khoramshahi, 2008-12, Ph.D. (Thesis: A Decision Support System for Efficient Utilization of Overdesign as a Fast-Tracking Technique in Modular Steel Pipe Racks). Scheduled Final Exam: Nov. 27, 2012. Current Position: Project Engineer, Bantrel Inc.
M.Sc. Graduates

  1. Mohamed Moussa+,  2002-04, M.Sc.. (Thesis: Development of a Decision Support System Simulation Tool for Risk Assessment). 2004. Current Position: Commerical Manager, Bantrel Construction.
  2. Eldon Choy,  2002-04, M.Sc. (Thesis: Modeling Construction Site Productivity using Situation-based Simulation Tool). 2004.
  3. Bolivar Prado*, 2002-04, M.Sc. (Thesis: Waste Management for Construction Projects). 2004. Current Position: General Manager, Hoban Equipment Ltd, Calgary.
  4. Apollinaria Pankiw,  2003-04, M.Sc.(Thesis: Mitigation Strategies for Schedule Delay Causes in Health Care Renovation Projects). 2004.
  5. Bin Zhang,  2002-05, M.Sc.  (Thesis: Live Information Value Engineering Model to Reduce Engineering Related Field Rework). 2005.
  6. Sushil Peres Da Silva,  2003-05, M.Sc.. (Thesis: Developing Planning Best Practices to Improve Construction Productivity). 2005. Current Position: Senior Contracts Specialist, Bantrel Co.
  7. Lucas da Silva, , 2005-07, M.Sc., (Thesis: A Review of LEED Credits in Canadian Building Projects to Optimize Benefits and Lower Costs). 2007, Current Position: District Engineer, PCL Construction Management Ltd.
  8. Guomin Zhang, , 2005-08, M.Sc., (Thesis: Developing an Efficient Materials Management Model to Improve Labour Productivity). 2008, Current Position: Planner/ Scheduler, Worley Parsons.
  9. Prabath Hemachandra, , 2006-08, M.Sc. (Thesis: Simulated Earned Value Management (SEVM) Tool for Proactive Project Control). 2008. Current Position: Manager –Financial Reporting and Analysis, Armtec
  10. Frederick Aduageyi, , 2006-08, M.Sc., (Thesis: Optimization of Resources in Construction Work area through Effective Process Planning). 2008. Current Position: Manager, Maintenance Highway Authority, Ghana.
  11. Xinping Liu, , 2005-08, M.Sc., (Thesis: Tool Time Analysis – Ten Weeks Monitoring Tool). 2008. Current Position: Principal Project Controls, Jacobs Canada
  12. Anupama Gannoruwa, , 2006-08, M.Sc., (Thesis: Impact of Supervision). 2008., Current Position: Assistant Project Manager, SNC Lavalin.
  13. Tom Howe, , 2004-10, M.Sc. (Thesis: An Integrated Framework for Measuring Project Quality). 2010. Current Position: Principal Consultant, Delivering Excellence through People Inc.
  14. Abdulmohsen Almohsen, , 2008-11, M.Sc., (Thesis: A computer tool for managing logistics in construction industry). Sep. 2011. Current Position: Ph.D. Candidate.
  15. Upul Ranasinghe, , 2008-11, M.Sc., (Thesis: A systematic approach for an on-site productivity improvement with Construction Productivity Improvement Officer(CPIO) role and Task Based Productivity Loss Control and Improvement(TBPLCI) Framework). Current Position: Project Manager, Tervita Corp. Calgary.
  16. Jeyarajah Jeyamathan, , 2008-11, M.Sc., (Thesis: Improving Construction Productivity with Process Value Analysis: A Study of Formwork Activities). Dec. 2011. Current Position: Cost Consultant, Hanscomb.

Current graduate students 

Ph.D. Candidates

  1. Lahiru Silva, , 2006-12, (Thesis: AUSIA Framework to improve on-site communication in commercial construction industry). Current Position: Construction Technology Coordinator, PCL Construction Management Ltd.
  2. Tharindu Weerasinghe, , 2007-12, (Thesis: An Automated Multiple Objects Tracking System for Construction Projects). Expected Completion Jan. 2013
  3. Jamal Siadat, , 2006-12, (Thesis: Smart Simulation Modeling Library). Candidacy Exam: Dec. 2009. Expected Completion Feb. 2013
  4. Sulochana Madanayake, , 2007-12, (Thesis: Development of Innovative Solutions to Improve Performance and Productivity in Construction Projects with LEED Certification). Expected Completion Feb. 2013
  5. Mahsa Taghizadeh, , 2008-12, (Thesis: Improving Construction Productivity by Mitigating Design-Related Changes and their Induced Reworks). Expected Completion June 2013.
  6. Mohammad Moazzami, 2009-12, (Thesis: Managing Contractual Risks in Mega Construction Projects).  Expected Completion: 2013
  7. Kamran Hazini Bahram Abadi, 2009-12, (Thesis: Enhancing Resource Management in Multi-projects using specialized design office concept).  Expected Completion: 2013
  8. Samanthi Walawe Durage*, 2010-12, (Thesis: Evacuation Modeling for Tornadoes in Alberta). Expected Completion: 2013
  9. Varuna Adhikarawattage+, 2009-12, (Thesis: Benchmarking System for Airports). Expected Completion: 2014

Ph.D. Students

  1. Chandana Siriwardane, , 2010-12, Ph.D. (Thesis: An integrated Model for Supervision and Job planning in Construction). Expected Completion: 2013
  2. Abdulmohsen Almohsen, , 2012, Ph.D. (Thesis: Strategic Risk Management Framework for Mega Projects). Expected Completion: 2015.

M.Sc. Students
  1. Azadeh Sedighiani, , 2010-11, M.Sc., (Thesis: Best Practices of Fast-tracking in Oil and Gas Projects). Expected Completion July 2013

Postdoctoral Fellow Trainees

  1. Dr. Mohamed N. Nazir, Promoting Sustainable Through Quality Assurance in Concrete Construction and Construction Productivity Improvement, 2004-06. 
  2. Dr. Kasun Hewage, Top Ten Targets for Improving Construction Productivity, 2007. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Okanagan. 
  3. Dr. Jassim Hassan, Top Ten Targets for Improving Construction Productivity, 2007. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Concordia University, Okanagan. 
  4. Dr. Suhail Abdulahad, Top Ten Targets for Improving Construction Productivity, 2007-09 
  5. Dr. Kamal Ranaweera, Automated System for Tracking Objects in Construction Projects, 2009-12. Current Position: Team Lead – Research Support and Development, Uni. of Alberta. 
  6. Dr. Sujeewa Wimalasena, Productivity GMT: Top Ten Targets for Improving Construction Productivity, 2012, Current Position: Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary